Aseptic Filling Machine for viscous products


The aseptic packaging machine Adipack is highly efficient and is developed for the filling of food preparations in flexible pouches at a high speed rate with the highest quality level. This is an automatic machine, which facilitates the operator productivity and allows a non-stop production.

• Dual dosing system (volumetric and continuous) for pulp of fruit, sauces, tomato concentrate, among others.

• Higher Productivity: Automatic splicing of polyethylene rolls.

• More Reliable CIP: Concentration Control of Cleaning Solutions and automatic dosing.

• Greater stability of Polyethylene and tension control.

• More accurate and stable product dosage.

• Synchronization of filling heads.

• Dual dosing system:
Volumetric and continuous.

-Production capacity for liquids (continuous). 3,500 liters / hour.

-volumetric: up to 2,400 units / hour of 1 kilo according product viscosity.

• Bag capacity:
– Version: Between 100 grams up to 1,600 grams
– Version up to 5 kilos
– Version up to 10 kilos
• Dosing accuracy: ± 0.2%.

• Dating system: Transfer by thermal tape.

• Steam: 4 bar. (Clean steam for food).

• Sterilizing agent: Peroxide 35% hydrogen

• Supply voltage: 220 / 440V Three phase, 50 / 60Hz.

• Compressed air: 3 CFM at a pressure of 100 PSIG, (clean, free of particles, dry and without oil).

• Machine dimensions:
Width: 2 / 3.4 m
High: 3.5 m
Depth: 2 m

The whole machine, both the structure and the parts that are in direct contact with the product, is made of steel stainless AISI 304 and AISI 316.

• Fruit pulp
• Tomato concentrate
• Sauces
• Purees of fruits and vegetables
• Juices
• Particulate products

Complete Brochure Aseptic Filling Machine for viscous products