Pasteurizadores HTST


We offer modern and efficient pasteurization systems from exchangers to plates and/or tubulars. We have fully automated or semi-automatic plants for the production of fresh pasteurized milk and its derivatives. The pasteurizers intervene in the destruction of the pathogenic micro-organisms contained in the milk, by means of a thermal treatment of the product at high temperatures for a short period of time, then it is rapidly cooled. The pasteurized product will be marketed using the cold chain.

For milk derivatives we offer systems with adjustable temperature output according to the product: Yogurt 40 ° – 45 ° C. Cheese 30 ° – 35 ° C, plus adjustable time of retention up to 6 minutes.

Fresh milk, cheese milk, flavored milk, yogurt, soy milk, ice cream, milk-fruit mix, cooking cream, coffee cream.

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