is guided by our customers.

We work under these four pillars:


ADIPACK is a Colombian company with more than ten years of experience in the national and international market, leader in the design and manufacture of machinery for the food industry, with great success in the dairy sector. Thanks to the great developments for aseptic packaging, we have achieved trust in our customers and provided real solutions in quality and economy for their plants.

We specialize in the manufacture of aseptic packing machines for milk, oatmeal drinks, creams, ice cream bases and fruit nectar in the UHT process (long life) packaged in flexible bags, which offer the following benefits: high speed packaging, saving energy, control and accuracy, increased production, among others.


We guarantee our customers total satisfaction through our products thanks to the efficient and adequate use of technology, control of our processes and a relationship based on commitment and seriousness.


Providing the best machines of excellent quality and high technology for the food industry, especially in the dairy sector, achieving confidence in our customers and providing real solutions in quality and economy for their plants; offering a comprehensive pre and post sale service.

We have suitable, qualified, and competent personnel who are committed with the quality of our products and the good service to our clients, complying with the health and safety colombian regulations at work.


Adipack Ltda., For 2021 we want to consolidate ourselves as the best integral solution in process equipment and aseptic packaging; at a national level as well as in countries of Central America and South America; offering an excellent pre and post sale service to our customers and being able to stand out for the quality and the innovation of our products, generating profitability and confidence.


ADIPACK LTDA., Seeks to grow in all its organizational levels strengthening itself in the following values:

INNOVATION: Creativity and cleverness identify us in the originality and the cutting edge of the equipment we manufacture and sell, we stand out and make a difference by our constant search to be more competitive and even be better.

QUALITY: We worry about perfecting the products, the standardization and continuous improvement of our production processes; using better materials for manufacturing; Innovating with state-of-the-art technologies in the design and adaptation of equipment to increase the efficiency, productivity of production lines and expectations of our customers.

ECONOMY: We offer our customers, equipment, spare parts and technical service; efficiently using the allocation of resources, good logistic and commercial management; providing high quality products and services that generate satisfaction in them.

TRUST: we give total security to our customers of the delivery of equipment and spare parts of high quality, efficiency and performance. We provide support with our technical service and support in projects and day to day in the process plants. We carry out our work with responsibility and loyalty. committed to achieving that our clients generate added value to their process.

HONESTY: Relations with customers, suppliers, and employees are carried out with transparency, integrity and adherence to the norm in everything we do.

SERVICE: By meeting the real needs of our customers, paying the attention they deserve, in a service attitude that is reflected through promptness, availability, experience, professionalism and kindness, seeking the benefit of the parties.


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