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For Adipack, the service is a fundamental part of the company and of what we offer. Our main commitment is to guarantee a variety of services that cover each of the aspects of your production, providing personalized support in each of our services, improving your productivity and performance.

After-sales support

From the commercial department we take care of receiving your queries or requirements. We send technical information and make offers that meet your needs. Supported by a group of trained and experienced people to guarantee the best technical assistance and information of our equipment.

Spare parts

We provide the necessary spare parts for the proper functioning of the equipment as soon as possible.

The parts we offer are exactly the same ones we use when manufacturing the machines, so they adapt perfectly to your machine.

We guarantee original parts of high quality to achieve the best performance in production.

Adipack spare parts provide:
1. Quality
2. Trust
3. Security

Maintenance service

Our commitment is to guarantee that the machines of our clients are in perfect operation, for this reason we have a team of expert technicians to provide support directly in the client’s factory where they make an adequate forecast and an adequate solution with the support of the manufacturer, guaranteeing this way greater performance in their equipment and a reliable technical service.

Installation Service

Once the machine arrives at the client’s facilities, our team of technicians perform technical assistance in installation and starting of the machine, guaranteeing a good functioning and performance.

The installation service comprises two parts:
1. Mechanical installation: includes the adaptation of the facilities and the assembly of the parts that make up the machine.
2. Electrical-electronic installation: operation of all electrical and control equipment, installation of keypads, screens and wiring.


To guarantee the good functioning and optimal handling of the equipment, we offer a customized training program to the designated personnel at no cost, thanks to our expert staff in the area.

Remote Technical Support

Adipack has the best technology, which allows to provide you remote support without having to go to your facilities. In this way we guarantee a quick and effective solution to your needs.

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