Hygienizing centrifuge machine and milk skimming centrifuge


The perfect combination of hygiene and treatment of your dairy products; for this purpose we have HYGIENIZING CENTRIFUGES, designed specifically for cleaning milk and also the MILK SKIMMING CENTRIFUGE, which skim milk and sour milk with great efficiency.

The wide surface for the extremely fast elaboration and expulsion of the sediments guarantee an efficiency in separations and sanitation. Capacity from 1,500 to 35,000 L / H.

The pressure feed is produced with a soft inflow system that allows the product to reach the high speed, in which the cleaning takes place, without damaging the characteristics of the product. Indispensable feature for the production of sheep and goat milk.

• Centrifuge of great capacity for manufacturers with high potential.
• Absolute reliability and reduced service times.
• It withstands hard work cycles without any problem.

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