THE HOMOGENIZERS , comply with the CE norms and are available with hourly flow rates of 50 to 50,000 l / h for homogenization pressures of up to 2,000 bar, the homogenization action obtained at 150/250 bar guarantees a dispersion of the particles or the fat globules in the dough avoiding phase separation during storage.

The proposed versions are:
● Sanitary.
● Aseptic, for UHT installations.
● With second stage of homogenization.
● Standard for the process of products such as milk, yogurt, creams, etc …
● Abrasive, for the process of products such as fruit juices, ice cream, ketchup, etc …

● Electrical installation for fixed flow.
● Electrical installation for variable flow.
● Electrical installation for double flow.
● Partial automation of the machine, with the possibility of working in it manually and / or remotely from the PLC in the installation.
Many other optional equipment are available to propose “custom” machines.
● Pulsation compensators at the entrance and exit of the product.
● Pressure transducer with digital reading of homogenization pressure.
● Partial homogenization installation.
● Device for automatic disconnection of homogenization pressure in case of incorrect product input of the machine.

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